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Hard Money Lenders and Hard Money Loans

Why A Hard Money Loan.

The reason real estate investors choose to use hard money loans is that they are a source to purchase and rehab property to make a substantial profit that they may not have without the use of this expensive money. These short term loans are expensive and even if they were legal for a home owner to borrow from the private lenders offering these loans it would never be advisable. So how hard are these short term loans, you ask? The answer is threefold. They are restrictive in loan to value, they are high in rate and high in fees.

Restrictive in Loan to Value.

The maximum loan to value for most private loans range from 50% to 75%. No deals are done at the higher loan to value for two reasons. First the hard money lender requires lots of equity in case of default they can list and sell the property quickly because they will in theory be below market value. The reason I say in theory is because there are so many REO’s, Short Sales and foreclosure properties on the market today that what was normally considered an exceptional deal is common place. Therefore, private lenders are more particular about the properties, borrowers and loans they choose to fund.

Secondly, any real estate investment that has less than 30% equity are not good investments for the investors unless they are purchasing the property for the cash flow. In that case they are long term investments and not suitable for the short term nature of these expensive bridge loans.

High Interest Rates.

Whether as n real estate investor buying and or rehabbing commercial or residential investment real estate the interest rates are much higher than conventional commercial or residential investment lending. The rates are higher much because the risks are much higher and there source of these funds are limited. Risk and Reward. Supply and Demand. The risks are higher because these loans are not underwritten based on the standard conventional guidelines and there is a very limited or no secondary market for private bridge loans. This is generally not an issue because the borrowers know these are only short term loans. The terms range typically from 3 to 24 months. Therefore, the higher interest rate is of minimum importance because both lenders and borrowers know that the borrowers have an exit strategy to quickly payoff these high interest rate loans. Most lenders require a viable and verifiable exit strategy before they make will the loans.

Higher Points.

Because these loans are short term in nature the hard money lenders always charge discount points. They may charge 1 to 5 points. In addition the private money brokers will charge 2 to 5 points. An average a borrower will 5 to 10 points. Plus closing costs. These are high fees. They only make sense when an real estate investor will make substantially more money and they have no other way to fund the deals.

Why Use Hard Money Lenders.

Simply to make money. As a real estate investor you have choices in financing your deals. You can choose conventional financing that requires at 30% to 35% down payment for properties that are in good shape. There are many other conventional mortgage criteria including credit, cash reserves, seasoning of funds and property. These all make conventional financing almost impossible.

Another option is to use your own funds and not finance a deal at all. But, most astute real estate investors know that if they can make a net profit of $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 or more using a hard money loan they do not like the fees but they we pay them versus not making any money because of lack of financing.

Detailed Information On Financing Car Loans

While financing car loans the main aim of every individual is securing cheap rates and the best deal. If not handled with dexterity, a worthy case can get spoiled but a little cleverness can promise a favorable deal in an average or below average case. It depends on how you make the rules facilitate your particular situation.

The Right Way To Go About Financing Car Loans

It is important and very well known too that the credit worth has major impact on the kind of finance deal one gets. There is no reason of anxiety for those who have picture perfect financial background. But all others must work on removing any blemishes that are there on their records by bringing their credit cards debit balance to a minimum and avoiding late payments, skipping dues, incurring further loans and bouncing checks. A mere six month long sparkling record will get them better car financing schemes.

Having no credit history is a more tricky case, as there is no record of your repayment capacity. You can build one by getting a credit card and maintaining a good record for at least six months or by getting a co-signer. The latter is a person who has a good financial history and is willing to act as your security. So actually you ride on somebody else’s good record.

Then, it will be immensely good if you can get pre approval for car loans before you go shopping for a car. With this you will not only know beforehand which model falls into your range but also you will be able to negotiate the car price. Also, it reduces the extent of paper work that is involved to almost half while finalizing an agreement with the car dealership. Next, don’t get too excited by zero percent financing schemes because they ask for a perfect credit score with a total payment payoff in three years.

Again, it is no secret that financing car loans online can get you low interest due to more competition. The rates that market dealers charge are always two to three percent more than what is being offered online. If it is an authorized online lender then have no fear in sharing information and asking for finance.

Another way of getting low interest auto loans is selecting the secured credit option. The usual practice is placing the same vehicle, on which you are asking a loan, as collateral but you can provide any other asset too. Because the lender’s money is secured so he agrees on low rates too. Any payment default and he has the right to seize your vehicle.

Lastly, you can also save money if you select automated monthly reduction as your repayment mode. Every month on a fixed date your loan installment will be automatically deducted from your account. You won’t have to issue or deposit checks. Just make sure that your account carries enough credit balance on the date of withdrawal. Choose the right road for financing car loans and you will have a smooth ride sans any road bumps.

Residential Hard Money Loans 101

Whether you’ve been through a foreclosure in the recent past or want to buy an unconventional property to turn into a dream home, finding financing can be a real struggle. Even qualified borrowers can find it difficult to secure the loans that they need in order to buy residential properties in today’s market. For investors and borrowers who don’t meet conventional lending requirements, finding financing might even seem impossible. Thankfully, hard money loans are a viable option for residential buyers with unique needs.

Hard money loans, also known as equity-based or private financing, have long been used by real estate investors who want to purchase properties traditional lending institutions won’t finance. However, these types loans can also be used by residential buyers who want to purchase homes or investment properties. These types of loans offer terms that scare some new investors, but it’s important to remember that buying property is a great way to build personal wealth.

Why Use Residential Hard Money Loans?

Residential private money loans can be used in a wide variety of buying situations. Some believe that these types of loans are only for those with poor credit, but that simply isn’t true. While private financing can be a good option for buyers with damaged credit histories, they are also used when:

• Homes don’t meet the requirements of FHA lenders.
• Buyers want to turn non-conventional properties into homes.
• Traditional lenders are unable or unwilling to finance fix and flip loans.
• Buyers have a mortgage on another residence.
• Buyers need to finance purchases quickly.

Who Uses Residential Hard Money Loans?

Because they offer such flexibility, hard money loans are utilized by many different types of borrowers. Many investors who opt for these types of loans do so because they find properties that they want to buy and don’t have time to wait for approvals through traditional financing institutions. Other investors opt for private financing because they want to buy properties that must be rehabbed or are viewed as high risk by lenders due to their location or use history. Individuals who have been through foreclosure or bankruptcy may also be able to use these types of loans to purchase residential property.

Buyers who are considering using a private lender enjoy options that traditional lending institutions don’t offer. Whether you want to buy a distressed property or want to get back on track after a foreclosure, a private financing might be a good choice. With careful, advanced planning, private financing can provide for an excellent return on investment.